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CRS Texas is proud to announce our partnership with TranstarPOS. Starting June 1, 2013, Transtar POS will merge with CRS Texas. Together this new relationship will allow us the ability to provide our customers the best products and services with local onsite support throughout Texas. Our combined efforts will ensure to our customers our commitment to providing proven and reliable technology backed by years of experience says Michael Tran, president and owner of Transtar POS.

Only in Texas
CRS Texas is a leader in the industry and has received some of the top awards from Menusoft the developers of Digital Dining POS software. CRS Texas is the only dealer in Texas and we are the best. Who else could make claim to the continued support of their first Digital Dining installation since 1993. Gulf Greyhound Race Track “the world’s largest dog track” is still using the same Digital Dining system. Over 18 years and still running, a testimonial to the word SOLID

CRS Texas is #1 Platinum dealer for Mercury Payment Systems
CRS Texas has joined forces with Mercury to help provide our customers with the very best in merchant services. FREE Gift Card processing is just one of the many values we can now bring to our customers.

CRS Texas partners with Merchant Cash Advance of Texas
This exciting partnership offers CRS Texas customer easy access to money “working capital” to purchase their POS system or simply expand their business. Cash Advances are easy and available when you need it.